Faculty of Commerce

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Student Orientation

In the Faculty of Commerce

The following support and orientation mechanism is available for the students enrolled in the Faculty of Commerce:

In the University of Vigo

The University of Vigo offers the following support and orientation systems for enrolled students:

Psychopedagogical Unit

Implemented for providing students with advice and orientation regarding both academic and personal issues. It targets to meet the following objectives:

  • To advise students in the planning and development of their academic and professional career.
  • To adequate and optimise the academic decisions, maximizing the variety of possible career opportunities.
  • To increase the levels of self-esteem and personal and professional motivation.
    To improve the study habits, the organization for assignments, and to teach different study techniques to achieve greater success during the career.

Support and Integration of Students with Special Needs

The Programme of Support and Integration of Students with Special Needs (PIUNE) was designed to make academic life easier for students with special needs, guaranteeing their right to education.

Information for Students Section (SIE)

The objectives of this service are:

  • To inform and orientate the future university students on:
    • The access to university, cut off marks, linkage of secondary and technical schools with higher education, gateway courses, etc.
    • The educative offer in the University of Vigo and in other spanish universities.
  • To inform both the current and graduated students about:
    • Everything that the University of Vigo can offer during their studies.
    • The possibilities of further studies once the Bachelor’s Degree has finished (Master’s Degrees, specialization courses, other studies, seminars, awards, conferences…) and also scholarships or grants convened by external institutions.

University of Vigo Foundation

It counts on technical staff who work to:

  • Provide an integral service of information, counselling and training in the area of professional orientation.
  • Foster the approach to professional practices among the students.
  • Its main fields of activity are:
    • Management of internships in businesses and public and private institutions.
    • Management of job offers.
    • Personalised orientation and counselling in the job search.
    • Training for work.

Employment Area

Its main fields of activity are:

  • Management of professional internships in businesses and public and private institutions.
  • Management of job offers.
  • Personalised counselling to develop a professional career for each profile.
  • Personalised orientation and counselling in the job search.
  • Group action for an active job search.
  • Information and counselling for businesses and institutions in the search for the adequate university profile to perform an internship or to take a job position.
  • Design and implementation of researches on different topics which affect the labour market and the employability of students.

International Relations Office (ORI)

It carries out, among others, the following activities:

  • Information and advice to the University community about the several international programmes within the scope of higher education.
  • Promotion and management of student and teacher mobility, both domestic and foreign, especially within the framework of programmes such as Socrates, ISEP, Ministry of Foreign Affairs scholarships and University of Vigo cooperation programmes.
  • Regarding students from the University of Vigo, it provides information to the selected candidates from these programmes on documents to be submitted, on amounts granted, possible complementary aids, as well as procedures to be followed with the destination universities.
  • Regarding the teaching staff from the University of Vigo, the ORI provides information on teacher exchange programmes and international cooperation programmes.
  • Regarding foreign students, the ORI manages acceptance of foreign students, prepares the foreign student guide and sends the University of Vigo information packs, with information on the different campuses and cities, reception, visas, trips, search for accommodation, registration and other study options in cooperation with staff from the International Relations Office.
  • Preparation and negotiation of international cooperation agreements.
  • It guarantees the University of Vigo’s presence at international education forums and meetings.

Equality Unit

The University of Vigo holds as a priority, following the Agenda 2030, to raise awareness on respect culture, on equality and on inclusion, guaranteeing that everyone on our community can carry out their academic and professional life with dignity, in a space free of male violence against women, and in an environment of the highest respect for the human rights.

The Equality Unit counts on the following resources: