Faculty of Commerce

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Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce Exams schedule

Course 2023/2024

Exam classroom:   306/307 (Fac. of Commerce)

First Term Call

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Second Term Call

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July extraordinary call

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Special Call – End of Degree (2022_23)

Exams periods: from 02/10/2023 to 20/10/2023 –Classroom 11 or 217

Conditions for the End of Degree registration:

  • Maximum of 24 E.C.T.S. to complete the studies. In this number, the credits of the B.D.F.P. will not be taken into account.
  • Having been previously evaluated for these contents, except for the B.D.F.P. That is, having previously failed those subjects. The condition of “Not Presented” is not considered as “assessed”.
  • It may be the first registration of the B.D.F.P. It will be guaranteed that a minimum period of 4 weeks elapses from the start of the course until the date of defense of the B.D.F.P.
  • The registration will be formalized by all the E.C.T.S. that remain to finish the Degree.
    If you take the exams and do not pass any subject, you will only have the right to sit in the month of July.

Bachelor’s Degree Final Project (B.D.F.P.)

CURSO 2022_23.- Students who are enrolled in the B.D.F.P. in the 2022-2023 academic year may be evaluated by the B.D.F.P. in the month of September, provided that only the B.D.F.P. to finish, without the need to enroll again
NOTE.- Contact the course coordinator for more information.