Faculty of Commerce

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Since 1920, the Faculty of Commerce has educated thousands of students who, in turn, have contributed to the development of Vigo, its sphere of influence and the competitiveness of its companies. Today, both the students and degrees have a prestige that facilitates the integration into the employment market. Together with the School of Engineering, the Faculty of Commerce is the birthplace of the University of Vigo, and it currently offers three notable degrees: Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce, Master’s Degree in International Commerce and Master’s Degree in SME Management.

Located on the historical campus, in the centre of the city of Vigo, the premises are divided between the central building and the annex, which is shared with the School of Engineering. The following services and facilities are located in the central building: classrooms, language laboratories, IT clasrooms, lecture halls, assembly hall, student delegation, student secretariat, management offices, faculty offices, cafeteria and reading room. The annex building hosts classrooms, language laboratory, IT classroom, faculty offices and library.

Throughout its hundred-year-old history, it has been transformed and changed its name several times. The initial Escuela Pericial de Comercio (1920-1932) turned into Escuela Profesional de Comercio (1932-1972); with its integration into the university field, it was called Escuela Universitaria de Estudios Empresariales (1972-2010) and, in order to comply with the applicable law, it is now called Faculty of Commerce.